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Structural Design & Analysis Applications

Design and analyze structural shallow foundation, deep foundation, and retaining walls using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (require iOS 7 or later). Foundation is designed for the iPhone & iPad making it easy to use.


Spread Footing
Design square & rectangular spread footing subjected to a single axial load & moment.
Bearing Capacity
Calculate the bearing capacity of a strip or rectangular footing using Terzaghi, Meyerhof, or Hansen method.
Footing Settlement
Check the settlement of a single footing on a layered foundation system.
Single & Group Pile
Determine the capacity of a single or group of driven pile in a layered foundation system.
Retaining Wall
Check the stability of a cantilevered retaining wall. Check the wall against sliding, overturning, and bearing (based on Terzaghi).
Print & Email reports as images or Portable Document Format (PDF).


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Disclaimer: The user must fully understand the engineering principles and concepts. This program has been checked for computational processes. However, it should not be relied upon without professional engineering examination. It is the responsibility of the of the user to judge the validity of the results.